Mythology and the human body

March 21, 2010

Oil on Panel, 122cm X 95cm

Moving into abstraction from figuration, aspects of the latter were carried over, most notably structure and the idea of a figure in space. I had been researching mythology at the time, at the idea of metaphorical narrative in storytelling relating to religious or political issues and ideas. I was reading Greek myth and specifically the myth of Minos and the Minotaur, basically i saw a point in the narrative that dealt with the tension between the public and private individual, and took that as a point of departure for a series of paintings.

Enkephalin refers to a hormone in human neurology that relays messages to the brain controling pain and damage prevention. This is one of many was in which the language of the body’s mechanics is structured around and facilitates the self and the individual – that aspect of the human condition that Marxism battles so heroically against. I felt that by referring to this hormone enkephalin I would be contextualising the paintings firmly within the subject of the human body and its discourses.


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